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Turn Back Time! (Music Review)

Sub Focus

Sub Focus didn't stood out to me as much in the previous year but this year they really do, even though it's just beginning of the year. "Turn back time" Sub Focus's latest single, well let's go a little bit on Sub Focus's background. Sub Focus is a stage name for Nick Douwma, an English electronic producer. "Torus", the title of his latest album, has been released on 30 September 2013. From what I've observed, his music is a mixture between singing lyrics and electronic beats. This pattern runs in the majority of his songs, beats and lyrics take turns in the song. 
Here's is "Turn Back Time" from his second album "Torus" which is now in no.30 in BBC radio 1 "The Official Top 40 Chart" and still climbing up the chart. The intro beat of the music reminds me of the 1980s music, with those people dancing in their spandex. Personally, I like songs that borrow the elements from the previous decades, not that it's something old but to me it's mixing the old element with the new beats which creates music that is authentic to its own kind. Listen for yourself and you might see what I mean! Enjoy.

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