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#OOTD: On Wednesday, we wear black.

This was my look on Thursday the 30th of January 2014 in tribute for the finale of American Horror Story: Coven, my favorite show which ended the Wednesday night.

Outer wear: H&M
Legging: Joe
Flats: H&M

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I'm on LookBook finally

Have been waiting for this day FOREVER! The problem was the internet I was having for the last couple of days didn't allow me to upload picture on LB, so I waited until I get a better internet, which is now. So here we go! 

my account:
instagram: @vanahleeguillo 

Thank you for all the support you guys had given me, you have no idea how much it means to me! HYPE me on LookBook and I'm all yours, NAHHH kidding. 

Any suggestions are always welcome to improve my blog! And beauty and styling tip you want to know, please comment down below. And see you on my Friday's blog post !


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Letter to myself

So I was reading my journal on my Facebook years ago when I was in High school expressing my feelings towards my friends and sharing experiences that we've shared from the years we've known each other. In there I wrote problems we've had in our high school years, not just that but I wrote in there that in two to three years from now when I go back to read this, it's going to be something really stupid and funny. And yes it did. You know what I've learned reading my journal? I've realized that no matter how big or small the problem is, there'll always be a way to get through it because problems aren't permanent and nothing lasts forever, like million other things in the world. However what lasts forever is the memories we've made together, well it might not be the memories itself, but the feelings that I have for my friends, that will last forever. Lesson to myself is to appreciate every bit of life because life is that short and roughness is a part of life anyways so we have to embrace and face it.


#OOTD: 27th January 2014

Top: "Fq&D party"
Trouser: "Workshop" jumpsuit
Hat: JJ market
Sandals: Fitflop
Cross body bag: JJ market
Glasses: Rayban

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Lipsitck Review: Maybelline Color Elixir

I have a really bad addiction to lipstick, which I'm trying really hard to minimize the purchase. However, I really want to share my passion with you all, maybe it would help you make better decision whether the lipstick worth buying or not. So here we go with the first lipstick on the list. The new lip product from Maybelline "Color Elixir" in the shade "Captivating Carnation" it claims to be "A trio of concentrates delivers the color of a lipstick, the cushionary care of a balm, and the glass shine of a gloss." The product doesn't live up to all it claims. It doesn't have the opacity of a lipstick like a lip cream does. It looks more sheer than a lipstick, however, I totally agree on the claims that it has the texture of a balm and a shine of a gloss. 

Texture&Pigmentation: The texture of it is not that sticky like other drugstore lip gloss, might be the fact that it's a hybrid between a gloss and a balm. I actually like it a lot because I'm not a fan of a gloss at all because it's sticky but it decided to give this product a chance because of the texture that is similar to a balm. The pigmentation isn't that great on me it looks like "my lips but better" kind of color which I could use on the regular basis. Also, I don't have to look at the mirror when apply this lipstick because it is quite sheer and even if it goes outside the lip line it wouldn't be that visible.
Maybelline Color Elixir in Captivating Carnation

Packing: Here's the warning "Don't let the packing fool you." It looks like there's a lipstick tube which I think it looks really chic but once you twist the top up it's a leaf-like shape applicator with pointed tip. Another thing I like about the packing is it's small and very portable, unlike normal look of lip gloss that is skinny and long, this product is so small that it could even put it in your pant pockets (if that's necessary.)

Lasting power: It's like a normal lip gloss in the market that doesn't have much lasting power, from my observation it could be last about three or four hours without eating or drinking which I think is pretty good since it's not a lip stain. It doesn't seem to clump up after layers and layers of application as well.

Overall Score: 4/5 I would give it a 5 if it is a slightly more opaque, which it claims to be, but the consistency of it out of the tube is more like a gloss.
Before application (only Vaseline were applied)

 After application



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The Bandits did it again! #CleanBandit

So I haven't been so inspired by any music recently until I came across this song by Clean Bandit. I might have mentioned this earlier that Clean Bandit is one of my favorite band in 2013. Back in 2012, they performed "Birch" live at BBC radio1. I heard the studio version but it wasn't too impressive, in my opinion. However, the live version has more soul to it, I don't know but it feels different. The different instruments/sounds that were used gives you that shiver inside you. This song is like a meditation to your soul, very calm and peaceful. First thing that comes to mind is "Dang! I'm on cloud nine." The classical instruments really do compliment the electronic beats. This is what makes Clean Bandit stands out from the rest. I think there's quite number of bands who tried to combine classic music with the electronic beats but not many of them  gets it into the industry yet. Do you feel that same?

Bonus: cover of Lorde's- Royals (Here's another favorite of mine)


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Confidentiality is to possess!

When you do (almost) anything in life what you should always possess is confidence. Confidence will always exist in every single individual and what you can do is to exercise it. Nevertheless, confidence is free and inborn, it’s already in you but you just need to embrace it a little more. For instance, you might be an oversized woman, who wears what she wants but always get judged by the glaze of other people. What you can do is to take in a deep breath and tell yourself “No matter what, I’m looking my best today.” I don’t want anyone to be wear what’s consider as conform or what’s normal because style is all about being an individual “Style defines you.” As cheesy as it sounds, this statement will always be apply. Also, you should NOT judge what people are wearing if you’re a good stylist, in contrast, what you can give is encouragement (tips and tricks to develop thei style). Style isn’t something you should be make fun off because it’s personal, it has its story behind it. I don’t like people going around saying “Look how weird she looks.” or “I think she would look better not wearing that.” Trust me if she thinks she looks better wearing something else, she would have wore it. Style will always tie itself to “confidence” what feels like your skin when you’re wearing it. “Do you feel good about yourself when you walk out the door?”

For years, I’ve been told by the society I’ve lived in to wear something conform or in this sense “NORMAL”. Everyday I wore t-shirt and jeans but I’ve always had my little secret affair with clothes that are a little bit threat to the sight, or in other words the “Nobody would wear that” kinda clothes. However, once in a while I would take them out and try it but never had the guts to walk out the door with that. Until one day, I saw a quote on Tumblr said by Lady Gaga “You laugh at me because I’m different, I laugh at you because you’re all the same.” This really triggered my mind into thinking “Do I really want to look the same and regret looking back in twenty, thirty years?” Do I really want to wear those “nobody would wear that” clothes to myself, and no showing it off to the world? Then I came to my conclusion “Heck! No!” I would want to be happy with what I’m wearing no matter if I’m skinny or fat. I’ll wear what I want, and care for no eyes upon me. That’s what I want you all to do “To embrace your style and be yourself” (as long as it’s your size and you’re able to put yourself in it, it’s okay to wear it.) Ever since, I’ve never look back!

“Because we believe, women do not wear clothes. They wear confidence.”- Club Gypsy

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2013 Beauty Favorites (face products)

outlast stay fabulous 3 in 1 foundation 
This product receives so much love from the Youtube beauty community since it was newly released. No wonder I caught on the bandwagon to try this product as well. Many people said this foundation is a dupe for the Revlon Colorstay but as I have never try it, I can't really compare the two. What I can stay about this foundation is it keeps your face matte but at the same time the texture of it is not heavy at all. It also gives a good coverage, as it stays put all day. So if you're thinking about picking it up, I highly suggest you do!

Bare Minerals Matte Foundation
This is the first Bare Minerals product I was introduces to. I heard about it's uniqueness when you apply the product and how it gives you the flawless finish. I was impressed from the first trial I had with Bare Minerals, it really lived up to its HYPE! I had it in the summer, even though it's a matte formula but it allows the oil to seeps through but it doesn't look bad at all. I bought the color "Medium" but my first attempt was to buy " Medium Buff" but it was all sold out, however, the medium buff has a cooler undertone but as I applied it, it does match my face (the product is really blendable). I used it with Real Technique Buffing brush and a little goes a long way, so I think this will stay with me for a long time and I will continue to purchase Bare Minerals products! 

Physician Formula Bronze Booster 
My one and only bronzer of the year 2013, gorgeous on the skin and affordable. The product itself has a fine shimmer in it but it doesn't show up on the skin so it is great to contour with. I first this bronzer mention by Judy from itsjudytime, she said it was her favorite bronzer so I didn't wait I ran to the drugstore nearby and picked it up and never regret buying it! The brush that it came with also perfect to use on the hollow of the cheeks to create that supermodel structured face. 

Wet N' Wild Blush

Another new discovery, Wet n' Wild blushes. Again, it's very pigmented and affordable price. You have to be very light handed or tap the excess product of the brush before applying it to your cheeks because I once swirled the brush in the product with a heavy hand and trust me I ended up looking like a clown. My personal favorite color is "Mellow Wine" for an everyday look.


Please stay tune for eye and lip products of 2013! Coming soon!

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Spring MakeUp

Yesterday, I had a post about the Clothing trend for Spring 2014. Today I'm bringing beauty related topic, Makeup trends for Spring 2014. Enjoy! 

1) Bright bold lipstick- This is the HUGE trend this year on the SS14 Spring/Summer runway shows. FYI: only make your lips the focus point of your face by minimize the amount of colors use in the other parts of your face.                 

I would recommend MAC lipstick in Morange or Maybelline Vivids lipstick in electric orange.

2) Natural look (Makeup No makeup)- "Less is More" the quote says it all.
Beauty Blender sponge should give you this flawless yet full coverage and non cakey face. Also, apply a thin layer of foundation at a time, it there's not enough coverage then you could go back and apply some more. 

3) White eye shadow or white eyeliner- The white eyeliner brighten the eyes which gives you the youth look.
White eye shadow makeup
White eyeliner (MAC eye kohl in Fascinating) 

4) Smudgy Eyeliner- Smoking out the eyeliner on the upper and bottom lashes gives you the softer look rather than the precise liner look. 

For this eyeliner look, the more it smudges, the better. So it doesn't matter what eyeliner brand you use, it would work. BUT we beware that you shouldn't use eyeliner that's too hard because it would your eyes and made them aged faster than it should.

5) Pastel Wash of Color- This look would definitely look gorgeous on runway while it would make you look totally wash out if you take this look outside your door. However, if you want a pastel wash of color for you eye look you could probably have it as eyeliner for a playful look ;) 
You just add eyeliners on the upper lashes and mascara and walk out the out the door!


P.S. See you tomorrow for my 2013 beauty favorites!!!

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2014 Spring (Pastels trend)

While Spring is just couple of months away, we might as well prepare for it in advance. As we all know, Spring is all about the coming back of colorful colors that would prepare us for the hot summer.This year Spring trend would be a come back for pastels colors clothes. You can mix and match your pastel colors or it's absolutely fine to have one color from head-to-toe. Pastel gives you the softer and romantic feel to its texture.
Many pastel designs had been on the runway during the SS14 fashion week.
Reebox x Milkfed Freestyle Hi Pastels 
A purple pastel jumpsuit and minty green ballet flats make a cute combo


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Turn Back Time! (Music Review)

Sub Focus

Sub Focus didn't stood out to me as much in the previous year but this year they really do, even though it's just beginning of the year. "Turn back time" Sub Focus's latest single, well let's go a little bit on Sub Focus's background. Sub Focus is a stage name for Nick Douwma, an English electronic producer. "Torus", the title of his latest album, has been released on 30 September 2013. From what I've observed, his music is a mixture between singing lyrics and electronic beats. This pattern runs in the majority of his songs, beats and lyrics take turns in the song. 
Here's is "Turn Back Time" from his second album "Torus" which is now in no.30 in BBC radio 1 "The Official Top 40 Chart" and still climbing up the chart. The intro beat of the music reminds me of the 1980s music, with those people dancing in their spandex. Personally, I like songs that borrow the elements from the previous decades, not that it's something old but to me it's mixing the old element with the new beats which creates music that is authentic to its own kind. Listen for yourself and you might see what I mean! Enjoy.

If this isn't enough, visit for more!


Sultry Saturday! Makeup routine

Here come the weekend we have all waiting for, and I decided to do something a little different! So I found my make up kit lying around my room so I got an idea to show you guys what I do with my face on the regular bases! SO OFF WE GO!
Products1) CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1- color: 940

2) Maybelline Fit Me concealer- color: 10 Light

3) MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural- color: Medium Plus

4) Physician Formula Bronze Booster- color: Medium to Dark

5) Kat Von D Tattoo Liner- color: Trooper (sample size)

6) Maybelline Great Lash- color: Clear

7)Anatasia Brow Powder Duo- color Brunette

8)Milani Baked Blush- color: 03 Berry Amore

9) Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Multiplying Volume Mascara- color: Extreme Black
10) Rimmel London Kate Collection lipstick- color: 110
11) Real Technique Buffing brush
12) Real Technique Contour brush 

Here's the face I started with, so basically my skin is extremely dry due to the consumption of the medication that I'm taking. But before I took the medication, I had combination skin, I usually get oily in my T-zone area with I just bolted it off with tissue paper rather than using an oil absorbing sheets. Also, I have sensitive skin which doesn't allow me to use any produce with fragrance on my face. I suffered from blemishes and acne scars. Now I know the picture doesn't look as bad as it is, but trust me it's way worst in real life.

First thing first, I pumped out my foundation about a pump and a half and dotted around my face and start buffing it with my real technique buffing brush. However, on the area with dry patches (like on the side of my nose and between my brows) I would push the foundation in rather than buffing it because buffing motion would accentuate those dry areas. Then after neutralizing the skin, it's time to conceal those red spots and blemishes on my face, I pushed the product into the skin on all areas (under eyes area, blemishes, redness). 

Next I contoured my face with bronzer and a contour brush, now people might be asking why don't I apply the bronzer after  I put on the powder? Well that's because I like a structured face and if you use a powdery product over the liquid product, the powdery product has more tendency to stick on better to the skin. I just applied it on the hollow of cheeks, temples, top of forehead, and jawlines. Now I locked the products into push with MAC powder, again, pushing it into the skin using a buff, not the face brush because we do not what the foundation and concealer that we already put on our face to move, so the patting motive of the powder also make the makeup last all day!! Then applied the blush on the apples of the cheeks.

Now move on to the eyes, nothing much because I'm not of an eye shadow person. So what I did was a winged out eyeliner. I got the inspiration from the "Pin Up girl" eyeliner look, which is more focus on the outer wings and the eyeliner only end half way to the iris of the eye. Then I just patted some glittery eye shadow. Then on to the lashes, just curl my lashes and pile on the mascara to get the volume and length that you desired (on both top and bottom lashes). Next is the brows, so I just brushed the brows with my spoolie and see if there's any sparse area if so fill it in with a brow shadow and finally set the brow with the clear gel.

Last but not the least, put on some lipstick, Girlfriend!

Here I changed up the lipstick into Revlon "Berry Haute" a more muted purple. 

See you tomorrow,

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Have you heard???

Introduce to you these love birds from the show "X Factor USA", Alex and Sierra. They made their debut on the show singing a cover of "Toxic" by Britney Spears, Simon Cowell thought it was a joke at first but their first note proved he is wrong. The cover has a country feeling to it, which is totally different from original version. Here let's hear it for yourself! My first impression was "Wow! They really are good together both as a cute couple and as music partners" 

Weeks after weeks, they have grown into shinny stars and I kid you not when I say I'm overly obsessed about them and there was no doubt about them being the winner of X Factor USA. I mean they could make every song sounds like their own and we would all forget what the originals sound like. My other favorite song sang by them is "Gravity" (original version sang by Sara Bareilles, whom I'm very fond of.) but Alex and Sierra, again, made it a flawless cover of it. I LOVE IT! For such, I would buy their album! 

Until next time, 

Recap: 2013 music journey

This previous year had been a big year for me mentally and physically, been having ups and downs.Nevertheless, I've made it through which is good, thanks to my good friend, Music. This was the year I explored the BBC radio1 music channel which allows me to encounter with bands I've never heard of. Since I'm a kind of person who's mostly fond of indie rock, indie pop, and electronic. These are the bands that really stood out to me in 2013
  • Macklemore& Ryan Levis -It wouldn't be 2103 without thrift shop eh? I might be a little bit late on this since this song had make it way since 2012 but it's better late than never. After "Thrift Shop" whatever songs Macklemore released it turned into big hits such as "Can't hold us" and even bigger with "Same love" that took away homosexual audiences as well as others.

  • Purity Ring -Here comes my first favorite electronic duo, Purity ring. From the first beat I heard, I was like this is the beat made for me. I would define them as minimalist but very spiritual and soulful. I could sway along with the music as well as mentally enjoy the music.This Canadian duo made a remarkable introduction to their music career. Congratulations! 

  • The 1975- This British indie rock band easily made their way into my favorite list in such a short period of time. It was my first time listening to BBC radio1 and "Chocolate" was on, I quickly wrote down the lyrics and searched it on Google. No doubt, their drum beat in "The City" got me good. I remembered listening to it month of May thinking to myself this song absolutely has a spell to it, which not many song could do such thing. "Yeah, If you wanna find love then you know where the city is "

  • Clean Bandit- British group of musicians merging their classical instruments with an upbeat music. Clean Bandit's "Mozart's House" didn't hit me hard it the bum but it went as high as no.17 in UK singles chart. However, the one that hit me was "Clear Dust" it felt the magic in the song itself as well as the music video. I would say Clean Bandit never disappoints their fans when it comes to telling story in their music. The music totally connects me to the story they are telling. Here's their latest single "Rather Be" another awesome song.

  • Rudimental are British quartet depend heavily on bass and drum. Rudimental are live act and they are to perform live, what is most important to them is their performance, not how the stage are set up. My favorite out of all is "Free" it translates that pain in many people that they struggle in life but 'Freedom' is what we should cherish and should be grateful having hold of it. I'm not gonna lie, I cried when I first heard this, thumbs up for whoever wrote this song. 

Hope you enjoy my recap of 2013. Feel free to share yours with me, I would love to know who have made it to your 2013 favorite list.



Hey there,

I'm Gypsy. You might be wondering why I'm here...well I here to help you explore the world of music and guide to the next potential "Bombdiggity" in the music industry. I always have this passion about music since I could remember coming to this world (thanks to mom and dad). I had experiment with different kinds of music, just like other teenagers I jumped on the bandwagon and joined the "main stream music society" as I called all the pop artists or other artists who go world-wide. However, thanks you Youtube and all the music search engine websites,  I'm able to open myself to different genres from different parts of the world. This is just the introduction to the whole content of our world. I hope to share this wonderful journey of music with me.