วันอังคารที่ 21 มกราคม พ.ศ. 2557

Confidentiality is to possess!

When you do (almost) anything in life what you should always possess is confidence. Confidence will always exist in every single individual and what you can do is to exercise it. Nevertheless, confidence is free and inborn, it’s already in you but you just need to embrace it a little more. For instance, you might be an oversized woman, who wears what she wants but always get judged by the glaze of other people. What you can do is to take in a deep breath and tell yourself “No matter what, I’m looking my best today.” I don’t want anyone to be wear what’s consider as conform or what’s normal because style is all about being an individual “Style defines you.” As cheesy as it sounds, this statement will always be apply. Also, you should NOT judge what people are wearing if you’re a good stylist, in contrast, what you can give is encouragement (tips and tricks to develop thei style). Style isn’t something you should be make fun off because it’s personal, it has its story behind it. I don’t like people going around saying “Look how weird she looks.” or “I think she would look better not wearing that.” Trust me if she thinks she looks better wearing something else, she would have wore it. Style will always tie itself to “confidence” what feels like your skin when you’re wearing it. “Do you feel good about yourself when you walk out the door?”

For years, I’ve been told by the society I’ve lived in to wear something conform or in this sense “NORMAL”. Everyday I wore t-shirt and jeans but I’ve always had my little secret affair with clothes that are a little bit threat to the sight, or in other words the “Nobody would wear that” kinda clothes. However, once in a while I would take them out and try it but never had the guts to walk out the door with that. Until one day, I saw a quote on Tumblr said by Lady Gaga “You laugh at me because I’m different, I laugh at you because you’re all the same.” This really triggered my mind into thinking “Do I really want to look the same and regret looking back in twenty, thirty years?” Do I really want to wear those “nobody would wear that” clothes to myself, and no showing it off to the world? Then I came to my conclusion “Heck! No!” I would want to be happy with what I’m wearing no matter if I’m skinny or fat. I’ll wear what I want, and care for no eyes upon me. That’s what I want you all to do “To embrace your style and be yourself” (as long as it’s your size and you’re able to put yourself in it, it’s okay to wear it.) Ever since, I’ve never look back!

“Because we believe, women do not wear clothes. They wear confidence.”- Club Gypsy