วันพฤหัสบดีที่ 9 มกราคม พ.ศ. 2557

Recap: 2013 music journey

This previous year had been a big year for me mentally and physically, been having ups and downs.Nevertheless, I've made it through which is good, thanks to my good friend, Music. This was the year I explored the BBC radio1 music channel which allows me to encounter with bands I've never heard of. Since I'm a kind of person who's mostly fond of indie rock, indie pop, and electronic. These are the bands that really stood out to me in 2013
  • Macklemore& Ryan Levis -It wouldn't be 2103 without thrift shop eh? I might be a little bit late on this since this song had make it way since 2012 but it's better late than never. After "Thrift Shop" whatever songs Macklemore released it turned into big hits such as "Can't hold us" and even bigger with "Same love" that took away homosexual audiences as well as others.

  • Purity Ring -Here comes my first favorite electronic duo, Purity ring. From the first beat I heard, I was like this is the beat made for me. I would define them as minimalist but very spiritual and soulful. I could sway along with the music as well as mentally enjoy the music.This Canadian duo made a remarkable introduction to their music career. Congratulations! 

  • The 1975- This British indie rock band easily made their way into my favorite list in such a short period of time. It was my first time listening to BBC radio1 and "Chocolate" was on, I quickly wrote down the lyrics and searched it on Google. No doubt, their drum beat in "The City" got me good. I remembered listening to it month of May thinking to myself this song absolutely has a spell to it, which not many song could do such thing. "Yeah, If you wanna find love then you know where the city is "

  • Clean Bandit- British group of musicians merging their classical instruments with an upbeat music. Clean Bandit's "Mozart's House" didn't hit me hard it the bum but it went as high as no.17 in UK singles chart. However, the one that hit me was "Clear Dust" it felt the magic in the song itself as well as the music video. I would say Clean Bandit never disappoints their fans when it comes to telling story in their music. The music totally connects me to the story they are telling. Here's their latest single "Rather Be" another awesome song.

  • Rudimental are British quartet depend heavily on bass and drum. Rudimental are live act and they are to perform live, what is most important to them is their performance, not how the stage are set up. My favorite out of all is "Free" it translates that pain in many people that they struggle in life but 'Freedom' is what we should cherish and should be grateful having hold of it. I'm not gonna lie, I cried when I first heard this, thumbs up for whoever wrote this song. 

Hope you enjoy my recap of 2013. Feel free to share yours with me, I would love to know who have made it to your 2013 favorite list.