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#DIY cropped jeans jacket (acid wash)

Last weekend I had a blog post about my #DIY project that I considered doing. So here is my first blog post DIY-ing the cropped jeans jacket from the thrift shop, as we all know I LOVE THRIFT SHOP! HERE WE GO!

Things you need: 

  • Clothing of your choice
  • Bleach
  • Bucket
  • Tons of elastic bands
  • scissors 

Step 1: Prepare the clothing of your choice and bottle of bleach 

Step 2: tie your jacket with elastic bands to create design (Well, here I don't know what design I was making.I was trying to make as much wrinkle as possible.)

 Step 3: Now it's time to soak your jeans into the bleach. The measurement is 1:5 (1 part bleach and 5 part water) Mine was floating to the surface of the water so the other half of the jacket didn't absorb the bleach so I decide to do 2 hours of each side. So in total, I soaked it in for 4 hours. *Patient is a virtue*

below: the result after 2 hours 

Step 5: TADA!! After four hours, rinsed off the jeans with clean tap water and let it air dry. Oh yeah! Don't forget to cut off the elastic bands!!!

See you real soon,

p.s. How to style jeans jacket post is coming soon!