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Where have I been? #heartoutedition

So it has been almost a year since the last time I updated this blog (Sorry for neglecting you my dear, Blog) I was busy with my last semester of university life and was trying to make the most out of it. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all of my professors and friends who always been there for me. I couldn't have ask for better ones, I love you all.

At the end of May 2014, it was finally the day I enter this entire new chapter of life its called the adulthood aka the damn boring life. I graduated from university full of passion, energy, and the believe that soon I will do well with my career. The future was crystal clear in front of me. I was much looking forward to having an interesting career as well as the opportunity for me in grow (career wise). As cliche as it sounds, nothing goes the way you wanted it to be. I was very much enjoying my life when I was working at the airport, I has all these plans that I would be able to travel the world and see places I've never seen before (with fairly cheap plane tickets). I experienced all the strange situations and people, all the weird people you never thought exist, DO EXIST!!! Another however, it was fun and all that good stuff but then I could never see myself doing this job for 2 years (due to the contract) so I decided to quit and pursue career that allows me to have the career path and leaving my service job behind, even though that's what I love and good. At the time, I let the thought of money and boy problems got the best of me.

Into this "guy stuff" so 2014 was the year of excitement and all that good stuff. Let's get real here, every girl loves being like by someone and that's fine. The problem comes when the guy who likes you made you like him, then you confess it to him with the totally wrong expression. Warning kids!! Never express your feelings when you're not sober, EVER! Yep I made that mistake of confessing that wrong expression to him. Well, to be honest, I liked him, yet never love him. So that's the end of my short romance. I just wanted to put it out there for girls not to make this same mistake. Never say I love you when you don't mean it. He started to distant himself away from me, it was obvious. It look me months to get over this guy but finally I did. Every time I'm sad or about to cry I told myself this is just the test life gave me. I would face even worse problems than this and one day I would find someone who loves me for who I am. I told myself "Be excited that you'll be happy soon" my friend, Graten, always say that to me. Thank you for always being there for me. I know there's a lot of people who still love me. So now I'm just enjoying my single life, the best feeling ever.

I got my second job out of desperation, I need a job to keep me sane. I could feel like I couldn't fit into the routine life of my second job. I already feel uncomfortable the second week I was there. But I tell myself, this is life you couldn't get out of it. That's what being a grown up is, you just have to get used to it. I was feeling like I was the one who could fit in, not the job. The burden of the job starts growing in me. I'm never feel like to waking up to go to work in the morning. I hate Monday.

I decided to quit my job and pursue my dream. It might take sweat and blood, but nothing beats working for something you love and really passionate about. I know it's difficult but nothing is ever impossible.

If there's one thing I would want you to think about after reading this is...what are living for? what's your goal in life? Does earning lots of money makes you happy? Just think about it. What makes you happy? I know quite a few people who money means nothing to them. However, people have different perspective about life and I wouldn't say that money wouldn't make you happy, it does to some people. But you can never say poor people can never be happy because there are unfortunate people who are totally happy with their living condition.

I would want my goal to become my motivation for myself to move on to my imaginary finishing point. I would take tears and blood but I would cherish it once I have that trophy in my hands. I took me months to realized what I want. It might take you years before you know what you want. I might take a life time but the important thing is will you ever discover it and will you chase after it?

I want to see where life takes me. So far, I've been through the roughest road I've ever come across so it wouldn't be problem for me to go through that again because I know that at the end of the road I will have my castle in front of me.

Writing this makes me realize how much I miss blogging and living in my own world.

Speak later,